Enable Effective Decisions in Sourcing Process with ProcureSENSSupplier Evaluation & Negotiation Solution.

ProcureSENS is a next generation e-Sourcing solution with built-in contract negotiation module to address challenges of large-scale Source-2-Order process. Integrate ProcureSENS with existing ERP to seamlessly execute your sourcing cycle.

ProcureSENS replaces your current piecemeal processes with a seamless framework that optimizes the way you engage with suppliers and run competitive sourcing events of all types. Traditional sourcing technology solutions face adoption challenges and hence limiting value realization. ProcureSENS not only overcomes this challenge, it also accelerates value realization using our unique Smart-FIT implementation approach.


"Seamless Integration, Smart Scale-up"

SAFAL ERP Smart-Connect easily integrates with existing ERP enabling seamless data flow. Smart-Connect module enables easily configurable implementation logic to scale-up smartly. Smart-FIT content, fields along with field names, in the SAFAL solutions to facilitate data flow consistency. Implementation of data transformation logic in integration module provides an ability to overcome inherence data flaws that can osbtruct the realization of ROI.

  1. Connect with any ERP
  2. Define Frequency
  3. Customize at filed levels
  4. Implement Business logic


"Create structured evaluation framework, ensure consistency and transparency"

e-RFx is a powerful module that gives procurement professionals the ability to issue and manage online requests for information, proposals and quotations. Improves ability to evaluate large number of suppliers creating more competitive environment and better value for organization.

  1. Ease of creating RFx from Purchase Requisition
  2. Create collaboration team to involve all stakeholders
  3. Improve timeline compliance by all stakeholders
  4. Intuitive bid comparison reporting
  5. Make Contract authoring and negotiation simpler and traceable
  6. Better documents management & audit compliance


"Leverage your buying power, Generate more Savings"

As buying power increases, it empowers procurement with more negotiation. Traditional manual negotiation process takes longer time and depends a lot on individual negotiation skills. Leverage online reverse Auction to create high energy competitive environment where suppliers are bidding to win in shorter time frame. Generate more savings in a shorter timeframe, create a culture of system driven negotiations.

  1. Drive negotiations in right direction & evaluate more options
  2. Create better and transparent competitive space
  3. Save time compared to manual negotiations
  4. One click powerful reports, improve bid analysis capabilities

Contract Management

"Make Contract authoring, Deviations tracking & negotiations easy to manage"

Start writing and negotiating on your critical contracting terms as soon as RFx begins. No need to purchase a separate software, its all within our e-Sourcing platform. Manage contracts and negotiations through clause library and custom terms combinations to meet specific needs. Bring down contract negotiation cycle time drastically with an ability to track each deviations with time stamp. Print final agreed contract terms in word or pdf with just one click.

  1. Manage contract templates and revisions
  2. Manage and report on contract terms and conditions.
  3. Invite collaborative teams to review suppliers’ deviations
  4. Powerful deviations tracking & Audit trails

Supplier Information Management

"Quickly and Easily on-board new Suppliers, Speed up Pre-qualification process"

Most of the organizations have thousands of suppliers. It is imperative to collect, organize, maintain and share information about these vendors to manage the risk in your supply chain. Also, improve an ability to on-board new suppliers by speeding up pre-qualification process. Evaluate temporary suppliers with quick pre-qualification before they find their code ERP.

  1. Single repository for supplier information.
  2. Supplier self-registration form with automated pre-qualification metrics.
  3. Allow suppliers to manage and update their information
  4. Notification and approval controls by category


"Communicate, Collaborate and Keep Tracking Effectively"

E-mail communication can’t be effective and meet actionable objectives to manage large scale procurement process. Lack of effective document management and sharing added more compatibility to this challenge.

  1. Activity based communication
  2. Efficient document sharing
  3. Communication tracking and accountability
  4. Directional and Actionable communication
  5. Cut down noise