Execute Procurement Decisions Effectively in P2P with ProcureSTEPSSupplier Transactions Effectiveness Management & Payment Solution

ProcureSTEPS is an innovative procure to pay solution with built-in PO to Invoice exception management framework that addresses the complex order fulfilment and payment challenges of large-scape Order-2-Pay process. ProcureSTEPS integrates with existing ERP creating an ecosystem that seamlessly connect all your internal stakeholders with suppliers.

ProcureSTEPS uniquely addresses purchase order reconciliation challenges with suppliers by the time order is fulfilled. This helps improve PO 2-way & 3-way match rate drastically and consistently. Reduce manual intervention and streamline the P2P by process by digitally connecting Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Advance Shipment Notices, GRN & Invoices.


"Seamless Integration, Smart Scale-up"

SAFAL ERP Smart-Connect easily integrates with existing ERP enabling seamless data flow. Smart-Connect module enables easily configurable implementation logic to scale-up smartly. Smart-FIT content, fields along with field names, in the SAFAL solutions to facilitate data flow consistency. Implementation of data transformation logic in integration module provides an ability to overcome inherence data flaws that can osbtruct the realization of ROI.

  1. Connect with any ERP
  2. Define Frequency
  3. Customize at filed levels
  4. Implement Business logic

Exception Management & Contract Compliance

"Address Root Cause, Improve Compliance"

Order fulfilment and payment problems tend to multiply if not addressed as soon as order is released. Our unique PO exception management framework ensure Buyers & Suppliers agree to all parameters along with compliance to existing contract before order is shipped.

  1. Unique PO exception management framework
  2. Contract Compliance
  3. Identify and address ERP data issues
  4. Efficient communication and Audit trails
  5. 2-Way and 3-Way match rates
  6. Drive smoother order fulfillment and invoicing

Order Fulfillments

"Augment Delivery Compliance, Improve Collaboration"

After Purchase Order compliance, Order receipt with respect to Purchase Order scope and its quality compliances create next level challenges for smoother Invoicing. Reconcile Order delivery with Purchase Order delivery notes easily compiled with rejection and quality notes.

  1. Compare receipt with delivery notes
  2. Quality feedback framework
  3. Order receipt Ledger
  4. Delays and Rejection management

Invoicing and Payments

"Control Over-Payment and Under-Payment Issues, Pay Correctly"

Parametric invoices matching ensures alignment with respect to confirmed Purchase Order and Delivery compliance. Pay right amount at the right time by smartly integrated payment terms. Manage Ledger at order as well as supplier level.

  1. Promote financial discipline
  2. Avoid under-payment and over-payment
  3. Better Invoicing compliance
  4. Reduce follow-ups/ Status Communications
  5. Better payment management
  6. Structured transparent stakeholder communication

Supplier Performance Management

"Evaluate performance objectively, promote scorecard culture"

Set the performance standards and measurement mechanism right from the order release till payment. Cut down the noice and promote objective performance driven culture. Provide platform to create transparency between all stakeholders and reward programs.

  1. Crete & Manage segment specific scorecards
  2. Leverage parametric auto-scoring
  3. Score and trends for future growth and negotiations with suppliers
  4. Promote objective performance management program


"Communicate, Collaborate and Keep Tracking Effectively"

E-mail communication can’t be effective and meet actionable objectives to manage large scale procurement process. Lack of effective document management and sharing added more compatibility to this challenge.

  1. Activity based communication
  2. Efficient document sharing
  3. Communication tracking and accountability
  4. Directional and Actionable communication
  5. Cut down noise